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Getting Started with MyMonero/Creating a new Wallet
Getting Started with MyMonero/Creating a new Wallet

How do I create a new MyMonero Wallet?

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You can create a new wallet using any of our MyMonero platforms (web, desktop, iOS or Android).

To create a new wallet, Click on the ‘Create new wallet’ icon.

You will be asked to name your wallet and customize your wallet color.

You will be presented with an 25 word Mnemonic Seed.

This secret code is the only way to access your MyMonero Wallet, and therefore it should be written down in a safe place and should not be saved digitally. Should you accidentally lose this mnemonic seed, it is not retrievable at a later stage.

We do not have access to your mnemonic seed and will not be able to provide it to you should you lose it.

If you switch devices or if your device resets, you will require this mnemonic seed to re-access your MyMonero Wallet.

After receiving this mnemonic seed, you will be prompted to confirm at least 7 of the 25 words in order as a security precaution. Thereafter, you will be able to set up your own personal password.

However, you will need to store both your personal password and your Mnemonic Seed safely because a password reset or ‘forgot password’ function is not available.

Once you have done this, you will have created your new MyMonero Wallet.

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