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Transactions not received?
Transactions not received?

I was sent Monero but it has not arrived in my wallet. I sent Monero and it was not received.

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Monero transactions normally take a few minutes to go through.

But in very rare cases, they can even take up to several hours.

Each transaction needs to be mined and permanently saved onto the blockchain before it can show up in the recipient account. Monero transactions require a minimum of 10 confirmations before they can be considered completed.

You can check if a transaction has been mined by visiting and typing in the transaction ID.

You will be checking to see that the transaction has a "Block" number and how many confirmations it has

If all appears correct on there, try logging out of your wallet and then logging back in again.

Your next step will be to confirm that the correct wallet address was entered.

And if all else fails, contact our support team and send us your wallet address and the transaction ID so we can investigate for you.

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